• Marketing Strategy and Planning Online
  • Market Research
  • Media planning and buying 
  • UX / Interactive design
  • Online Market Research
  • Content strategy
  • E-COMMERCE & eMail Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

Our Services

Marketing Strategy and Planning Online

Marketing online is a system to sell products and services to a selected audience that uses the Internet and commercial online services through tools and services and strategic manner consistent with the overall program Marketing Company .


  1. Target Definition and analysis of current and/or potential customers 

  2. Benchmark / Competition Analysis

  3. Market situation analysis and digital ecosystem in your market

  4. SWOT analysis and scorecard

  5. Defining business objectives in Digital Marketing and mixed with offline focusing on customer needs

  6. Defining positioning strategy and content Digital communication strategy and cross -channel ( including media plan )

  7. Defining action plan, training and resources

Social Media Marketing

Social networks have become the main means of discussion customers of a brand or company. And they are becoming a source of traffic for e-commerce conversion and a key element of the strategy of digital marketing.


  1. Social Marketing Strategy 

  2. Content Strategy and Development Design, architecture and tools Profiles SM

  3. Monitoring brand in social networks, Listening and contingency plan.

  4. Customer service through social networks

  5. Community Management

  6. Strategy for social networks search tools

  7. Mobile strategy in SM Measurement, reporting and data analysis

  8. Social Commerce

  9. Social CRM

Marketing para Móviles

According to the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) "The set of actions that allows companies to communicate and interact with their audience in a relevant and interactive way through any mobile device or network".


Integrating: Internet Advertising, Applications, mobile and responsive Web, Messaging, Geomarketing, Gaming, Passbook, QR Codes & email responsive.


  1. Consulting and multi - screen

  2. Strategy Studies of user experience and interaction with the design and advertising mobile

  3. Construction and management of cross-device sales

  4. Application Development and eCommerce platforms/sales Responsive design page for any screen

  5. Analysis, optimization and action plan SEO and SEM

  6. Responsive content development and banners

  7. Strategy applications sales platforms and content for social networks

  8. Planning, purchase and implementation of mobile means

  9. Monitoring and analysis

Online Marketing Research

Internet is a very useful tool for market research from the time that facilitates an immediate relationship with potential informants 

(respondents , speakers , etc. ), regardless of the geographical location of the researcher and the informant. You can bring lower costs and deadlines in market research.


  1. Analysis of behavior of your consumers online, on your website , etc ..

  2. Analysis of competition, how it interacts with its customers, how long it takes to answer them etc.

  3. Know before you make a purchase that makes your customer or potential customer

  4. Analysis of audience and advertising if you are creative, effective, etc.

  5. how can I optimize my media mix

  6. Am I measuring the ROI of my advertising investment effectively?

  7. Social Media Monitoring and your online brand and relationship to the equity of my brand

User Experience/ Interactive Design - UX

"User Experience Design" is a design philosophy that aims to create products that meet specific needs of their end users, achieving greater satisfaction and better user experience possible with minimal effort. UX design for the web, refer to all that the user experience involves: interface design, information architecture, usability and product design covering the presentation, interaction and organization of online services.


  1. Design and development of Web page (multi - screen)

  2. User Experience Test

  3. Analysis, optimization and search engine action plan (SEO y SEM)

  4. AB Testing

  5. Content Development

  6. Monitoring and analysis

  7. ECommerce platform development


It consists of the buying and selling of products or services through electronic devices such as Internet and other computer networks media. Originally the term was applied to conducting transactions through electronic means such as EDI , however with the advent of the Internet and World Wide Web mid -90s began to refer mainly to the sale of goods and services through the Internet , using as a form of electronic media , such as credit cards payment.


  1. Audit of platforms, processes , content, creative , layout, funnel, SEO, SEM, Social Media Sales planning and strategy online and offline intersects

  2. Implementation of sales tools (Click2Call, online chat, forums, landing pages, registration forms and shopping carts

  3. Defining buying process for Social Networks and Web purchase

  4. Content development for ecommerce

  5. Monitoring and analysis

  6. Design campaigns and promotions mobile strategy

  7. Integration with CRM systems and design

  8. Email Commerce

Media Planning & Buying

We handle conceive, analyze and select the channels through which they transmit the information set the right audience at the right time . The strategy is based on the cycle of customer relationship : Attracting visits , conversion of customer visits , customer loyalty and achieve prescribers and many more.


  1. Media planning based on business objectives Negotiation and media buying

  2. Development of consumer insights

  3. Analysis , Measurement and data optimization

  4. Market research to define audiences and advertising effectiveness measurement

  5. Promotional posts in social media networks

  6. Generation of audience on social media

  7. Trageted influencers 

Content Strategy

A content strategy is essentially a business plan that establishes exactly how your content online/ offline will be used to achieve your business goals. A good content strategy should answer all sorts of questions, for example. It is a significant soft sales approach to attract and retain customers through the creation and delivery of relevant content and significant.


  1. Content strategy based on business objectives

  2. Design and creation of visual content, infographics, videos ,photos, podcast, articles, whitepapers

  3. Placement and content recommendation for social networking, website, mailing etc.

  4. Keywords and SEO analysis, audit content Development Story Telling

  5. Monitoring and data analysis and measurement of ROI

  6. Creating audience and customer loyalty

  7. Publishing and promoting your content and other media platforms

  8. Research, editing, creating editoral items

Email Marketing

The e- mail marketing is a very effective strategy for digital marketing loyalty regular users of our website . Design and implement campaigns e- mail marketing targeted and optimized with open rates and CTR (click through ratio) high.


  1. Digital demand analysis to define the target audience and create a segmented campaign.

  2. Defining measurable goals for the campaign.

  3. Compilation of the database of potential customers.

  4. Writing and layout of the message.

  5. Designing a " landing page" persuasive.

  6. Scheduling of shipments.

  7. Tests to improve the campaign.

PR 3.0

" ... The result of what you do , what you say and what others say about you, the company or institution it represents. Public relations is the discipline that deals with reputation, with the goal of winning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behavior. It is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organization and its public "the Institute of Foreign Públicas2 (2012 ) UK.


  1. Audit brand presence online

  2. Monitoring and content strategy

  3. Crisis management

  4. Computer graphics design content, videos, photos and Whitepapers

  5. SEO and Content development

  6. Monitoring and analysis

  7. DB generation and record mobile strategy

  8. Influencers management and online media publications

  9. Conferences and events on- streaming

  10. Event organization and call

  11. Logistics events and campaigns

Creativity and Digital Campaigns

Our goal is to engage the user and stop focusing solely on the web , to experiment in alternative media and generate experiences no messages. "Building awareness and promoting a brand using all available digital channels: Web, SEM (including SEO and advertising system pay per click) , smartphones, mobile markets (Google Play, Apple Store), marketing email, banner ads online and social media".


Storytelling - tells the story and connect with consumers. We all have a story , we all have a motivation, a reason why we do what we do. Share your philosophy and will be in a different position towards its customers and competitors.


  1. Campaigns in search engines, social networks and websites

  2. Email campaigns

  3. Development of banners and landing pages

  4. Monitoring and analysis

  5. Analysis and optimization based on attribution models

  6. Generation BBDD

  7. Media plans designed based on sales targets, increase awareness, log generation , reach for hearing